About Us

In today’s fluid healthcare market, it is valuable for medical organizations to access resources and address the industry’s opportunities and issues.

Kassouf Healthcare Solutions provides these valuable services,  including billing, cash flow management, financial enhancement, operational assessments, venture development and management support to physicians, providers, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

Our teams of dedicated healthcare consultants and accountants have decades of experience in all facets of the healthcare industry.  Our dedication to follow through and implementation distinguishes our service and commitment to our medical clients.

L Paul Kassouf & Co. is one of Birmingham’s oldest, privately held CPA firms, founded in 1931, and known for integrity and service.  Our Healthcare Consulting Group has grown over the past three decades, providing highly specialized healthcare services, to become one of the region’s largest and most respected.

Dr. Robert Morris and Dr. C. Douglas Witherspoon founded Retina Vitreous Associates of Alabama  as a professional corporation in 1981.  Roger L. Gehri joined RVAA as Administrator in 1987.  Over the next 13 years, RVAA developed 3 additional Retina Specialist corporations employing 15 physicians.

In 2001 RVAA became a Management Services Organization.  In 2007 ownership of RVAA was transferred to Roger Gehri who continued to serve as CEO.

In May of 2014, Kassouf & Co., acquired Retina Vitreous Associates of Alabama, adding the MSO to the firm’s existing portfolio of Healthcare services, and formed Kassouf Healthcare Solutions, LLC.