Kassouf Healthcare Solutions, LLC is actively monitoring the changes and impact of COVID-19 for our clients.

Prioritizing the health and safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance. Until further notice, most of our professional staff is working remotely, and we are postponing all client and visitor meetings in our physical office location. However, we continue to operate under our normal business hours, and we are available to you through email, phone calls, and virtual meetings. For any physical documents that need to be exchanged during this time, we ask that you utilize the drop-off station available at our physical office, and we will coordinate their secure delivery.

We will continue to provide you with current updates and additional resources to address your questions and help you navigate the changing environment. For general questions, you can reach us at our main number: (205) 558-2500.

Kassouf Healthcare Solutions, LLC is a comprehensive medical practice management organization providing highly experienced business leadership to physician practices.

Our goal is to effectively coordinate and manage medical groups through the complex healthcare delivery system, thereby allowing physicians to focus maximum attention towards the delivery of quality patient care.

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